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“The sunset holds infinite promise. Fire sweeps up from behind the Rockies to consume

the universe, kindles the whole horizon, and all the great sky is flame; then suddenly it

falters and fades atop the distant peaks and lonely buttes, ebbs and is lost in secret coulees.”

 – Joseph Kinsey Howard, Montana: High, Wide and Handsome

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Montana Television Network presents
Under the Big Sky
Under the Big Sky is a new documentary series from The Montana Television Network. It is our goal to showcase the interesting people, businesses and stories that are found under the Big Sky.

“Montana means a lot to me and it means a lot to the other million people that share this state as their home.” – Dean Folkvord (Wheat Montana Founder)

There has always been something special about the Big Sky State.  Just being from Montana evokes a sense of community and pride that is rarely seen in other parts of the world.  Interesting people and stories can be found here in every corner of the State.  We at Under The Big Sky have made it our goal to find and document the people, history and stories that truly make it the last best place.  A show created by Montana filmmakers for Montanans.

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